产品型号: HC470X

The HC470x FM radio tuner IC family is the industry’s first to leverage digital integration and 100% CMOS process technology, resulting in a completely integrated solution that requires only one external supply bypass capacitor and less than 10 mm² of board space. Offering unmatched integration, the HC470x family allows FM radio reception to be added to a variety of portable devices where board space, performance, low power consumption, and ease of use are essential.

Leveraging Silicon Laboratories’ proven Aero digital low intermediate frequency (low-IF) receiver architecture and frequency synthesizer technology, the HC470x family delivers superior RF performance and interference rejection. Digital signal processing is utilized to provide optimum sound quality with varying reception conditions. The high integration and complete system production test simplifies design-in, increases quality, and improves manufacturing. The HC470x family also uses a streamlined programming model, which further reduces product development time. Power management is simplified with an integrated regulator allowing direct connection to a 2.7 to 5.5 V battery.

  The HC4701 and HC4703 incorporate a digital processor for the European Radio Data System (RDS) and the US Radio Broadcast Data System (RBDS) including all required symbol decoding, block synchronization, error detection, and error correction functions. Using this feature, the HC4701 and HC4703 enable data such as station identification and song name to be displayed to the user.

•  Cellular handsets
• MP3 players
• PDAs, notebook PCs
• Portable radios
• Portable navigation
• Automobile applications
• Consumer electronics
•  USB FM radios

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