产品型号: HC8021

    The HC8021 is a complete constant current/ constant voltage linear charger for cell lithium-ion batteries. Its package and low external component count make the HC8021 ideally suited for portable applications. The charge current can be programmed externally with a single resistor. HC8021 determines the charge mode by detecting the battery voltage: Pre-charge, constant current charging, constant voltage charging. The charge current of pre-charging and constant –current charging is adjustable. The HC8021 is monitored by temperature monitor during the constant-current and constant-voltage charging. There are two LEDs indicate the charge mode.
    The HC8021 is available in the SOP-8L package (or upon request).

•Charger for Li-Ion Coin Cell Batteries
•Portable MP3 Players, Wireless Headsets
•Multifunction Wristwatches
•Bluetooth Applications


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