产品型号: HE2012
es is a group of 200mA low dropout linear regulator optimized to provide a high performance solution to low power system.
The device offers a new level of cost-effective performance in cellular phones, laptop and
notebook  computers,  and  other  portable devices. Proprietary design techniques ensure high performance.
   The HC2012 is designed to make use of low cost ceramic capacitors which ensure the
stability of the output current, and enhance the efficiency in order to prolong the battery life of those portable devices.
   The HC2012 regulators are available in the industry standard SOT-23-3L/ SOT-23-5L/
SOT-89-3L/ DFN1.21.6-4L power packages.
• CDMA/GSM Cellular Handsets
  Battery-Powered Equipment
•  Laptop, Palmtops, Notebook Computers
•  Hand-Held Instruments
•  PCMCIA Cards
  Portable Information Appliances

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