产品型号: HC1080F

   The HC1080F FM receiver employs a low-IF architecture, mixed signal image rejection and all digital demodulation technology. The station scan of HC1080F searches radio stations based on both the channel RSSI estimation and signal quality assessment, increases the number of receivable stations while avoids false stops. HC1080F enables FM radio  reception with low power, small board space and minimum number of    external components.

   All functions are controlled through a simple 3-wire serial interface or I2C serial interface. The device operates from a power supply of 2.7 – 5.5 volts.

  The HC1080F is available in both QFN24 and SOP16 package.


Cellular handsets

• MP3 players

• PDAs, notebook PCs

• Portable radios

• Portable navigation

• Automobile applications

• Consumer electronics

• USB FM radios


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