产品型号: HC3095
The HC3095 is a high efficiency synchronous step-up converter with ultra-low quiescent current down to 2μA,It is capable of delivering at least 3W of power from a low voltage source,i.e 0.7 A at 5V output. It also features a ture-shutoff function that disconnects the input from output, during shutdown and output short-circuit conditions. This elimnates the need for an external MOSFET and its control circuitry to disconnect the input from output and provides robust overload protection. A switching frequency of 500KHz minimizes solution footprint by allowing the use of tiny and low profile inductors and ceramic capacitors. An internal synchronous MOSFET provides highest efficiency and with a current mode control that is internally compensated, external parts count is reduced to minimal. With the ultra-low IQ feature, HC3095 is ideal for solution that requires low standby power and compact board size such as lot applications.

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